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1、DC fan life is affected by the environment
DC fan because of its material and the impact of bearings, the environment will really be affected by the pressure and work, if the DC fan in high temperature operating environment, will accelerate the lubricating oil bearing oil evaporation, the expansion of the device conflict, coil resistance Also increased, into a vicious cycle of fever, so that it will speed up the aging of electronic components. DC cooling fan life will be greatly reduced.
2、Notebook cooling fan purchase points
First of all, we choose the cooling fan, the notebook cooling fan material is the most important. In general, aluminum alloy material is better than the plastic point, its thermal conductivity to be stronger. While the cooling performance of aluminum material is inferior to silver, of course, certainly the same price will be a little expensive.
3、DC fan bearing classification and what are the advantages and disadvantages
Fan bearings can be divided into the following three categories: ball bearings, oil bearings and magnetic bearings. The difference between the bearing will play a different fan performance and life expectancy, therefore, manufacturers in the purchase of DC fans, the fan bearings will have requirements and considerations, then these three bearings have this What is the difference?
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