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Picture P/N Description Specification 1 Specification 2
CT2ACA6-R8-30 CT2ACA6-R8-30 2U and above server solution LGA2011 Square Size: 90*88*65mm
CT2ACA6-Y8-01 CT2ACA6-Y8-01 2U and above server solution LGA2011 Square 尺寸:89*89*65mm
CT1PCU-C9-01 CT1PCU-C9-01 1U server solution LGA2011 Narrow Size: 106 * 72 * 24mm
CT1ACU8-D9-04 CT1ACU8-D9-04 1U server solution LGA2011 Narrow Size: 106*80.5*28mm
CT2ACU7-F9-01 CT2ACU7-F9-01 2U server solution LGA2011 Narrow 尺寸:106*72*50mm
CT2PCA-Q9-02 CT2PCA-Q9-02 2U server solution LGA2011 Narrow 尺寸:103*83*65mm
CT2ACA6-Y9-01 CT2ACA6-Y9-01 2U server solution LGA2011 Narrow 尺寸:106*76.7*65mm
CT1PAL-C9-05 CT1PAL-C9-05 1U server solution LGA2011 Narrow 尺寸:106*72*24mm
CT1PCU-C8-01 CT1PCU-C8-01 1U server solution LGA2011 Square Size: 88*88*24MM
CT1ACU8-D8-04 CT1ACU8-D8-04 1U server solution LGA2011 Square Size: 92*89*28mm
CT1ACU8-D8-14 CT1ACU8-D8-14 1U server solution LGA2011 Square Size: 89*89*28mm
CT1ACU7-D8-20 CT1ACU7-D8-20 1U server solution LGA2011 Square Size: 89*92*28mm
CT2ACU7-F8-01 CT2ACU7-F8-01 2U and above server solution LGA2011 Square Size: 93*89*50mm
CT2PCU7-F8-10 CT2PCU7-F8-10 2U and above server solution LGA2011 Square Size: 89*89*50mm
CT2PCA-Q8-02 CT2PCA-Q8-02 2U and above server solution LGA2011 Square Size: 95*90*66mm

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