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AC / DC / EC fans
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When it comes to cooling fans, it is estimated that we are very familiar with the missing in our lives can not figure it, household appliances, electronic products, digital computers, etc., as long as the need to heat exhaust will use it, cooling fan can be divided into AC Fan, DC fan, EC fan, here for everyone to explain the difference between AC / DC / EC fans:

AC fan is what we call the AC cooling fan, the fan principle and production methods are very simple, so here and we do not Xiangxi more stresses, and today we mainly talk about the main focus of DC fans and EC fans.

DC fan and EC fan are all DC cooling fan, but they are also some differences between the simple summary: DC input is DC, EC can enter the AC, it is the exchange into DC.
EC fan characteristics: EC fan is a new fan industry, it is different from other DC cooling fan, it can not only use the DC voltage supply, but also can use AC voltage power supply. Voltage from the DC 12v, 24v, 48v, AC 110V, 220V, 380V can be universal, do not need to add any inverter conversion. All internal components of the motor for the power DC power supply, built-in DC variable AC, the use of rotor position feedback, three-phase AC, permanent magnet, synchronous motor.

Advantages of the EC fan: The EC motor is a DC brushless maintenance-free motor with built-in intelligent control module. It comes with RS485 output interface, 0-10V sensor output interface, 4-20mA speed switch output interface, alarm device output interface and main From the signal output interface, the product has high intelligence, high energy efficiency, high efficiency, long life, low vibration, low noise and continuous uninterrupted work and so on.

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