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What is an axial fan?
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Similar axial fan in the fan, radiator industry wide range of applications
There are two kinds of fans, axial flow and radial flow, which are divided by the flow direction of the air when the fan is working. Axial fan work, the blade to promote air flow in the same direction with the axis, so called axial fan; and radial fan work, the blade to promote the air to the axis perpendicular to the direction (ie radial) flow, so Known as the run-off fan.
Axial fans are divided into large axial fans, medium-sized axial fans, small axial fans, according to the needs of the use of local choose the appropriate axial fan.
In general, large-scale axial flow fan is mainly suitable for dust, gravel field and other places of the exhaust; medium-sized axial fan is mainly used for indoor ventilation and heat, such as: granary; small axial fan is mainly applicable And mechanical ventilation and cooling equipment, such as: electrical cabinets and so on.

As the traditional turbo fan pressure is not generated in the central part of the fan, but by fan fan rotation occurs. So no matter how high the speed, the axis below the wind will not be under. But under the fan axis is where the core heat is the main source of heat. This situation caused the birth of the traditional axial fan defects: by the motor block, air flow can not be successfully reached the central location, resulting in "blind spot." The existence of blind spots led to the core part of the radiator temperature is too high, affecting the overall cooling effect. To solve this problem, centrifugal radial fans are manufactured

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