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The Function and Operation Principle of DC Fan
   Browse:3992  Date:2017-01-04 

DC fan, for example a cooling fan in a small classification, the advantage of the DC power supply, smaller size, compared with other fans of high energy efficiency, and vibration, noise, longer life, so the application of life Of the very extensive. Then the following by the Shenzhen DC Fan manufacturers [Yi Rong Chuan Electronics] for everyone to simply introduce the function and operation of DC fan theory.

    DC fan operation principle: DC cooling fan stator and rotor by the motor in two parts, the stator has a magnetic pole (winding or permanent magnet), the rotor winding, power, the rotor also forms a magnetic field (magnetic pole) There is an angle between the poles of the stator and the rotor, which is the rotation of the motor in the mutual attraction between the stator and rotor magnetic fields (between the N and S poles). Change the position of the brush, you can change the stator and rotor magnetic pole angle (assuming the stator magnetic pole for the starting edge, the rotor magnetic pole on the other side, the magnetic pole of the rotor to the stator magnetic pole direction is the motor rotation direction) , Thereby changing the direction of rotation of the motor.
   DC fan applications: 1. Household appliances, air conditioning, computers, drinking fountains, cameras, routers, etc.】 2. Medical equipment 【high-frequency electric knife, biochemical, immune, blood coagulation, blood analysis and other equipment】. 3. Automobile industry 【Automobile air conditioner, engine, condenser】 4. Lighting stage 【LED lamp, spot lamp, Yuba, speaker, etc.】 5. Electronic communication 【Electric box, cabinet, switch, inverter, ATM, Industrial environmental protection [Welding machine, environmental protection equipment, refrigeration equipment]

   DC fan performance standard parameters
   Air volume: The number of cubic meters of wind produced by the fan at work per minute, in units of M3 min or CFM
   Wind pressure: the pressure generated when the fan work, the unit is mmH2O
   Noise: The sound generated when the fan work, mainly wind noise, electromagnetic noise, bearing noise. Its unit is dB-A
   Life: the fan can not work, the speed is less than 85% of the rated speed that the life expectancy. Fan life generally refers to the average life expectancy.
   Ambient temperature refers to the location of the fan when the temperature, the ambient temperature on the life of the fan has a great impact on the life of high temperature fan shortened, low temperature grease can not work.

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