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Micro DC Fan Noise
   Browse:4947  Date:2017-01-03 

Micro DC fans, strange and familiar for everyone, because it is familiar with the name, familiar because we often come into contact with, often in our old equipment or open in the maintenance of household appliances, we will see its shadow, Then the following by the Shenzhen Yi Rong Chuan electronic technology DC fan manufacturers for everyone to explain the reasons for micro-DC fan noise and treatment.
Prior to this, we must first understand the micro-DC fan noise and what factors,
l speed DC fan speed faster, the greater the fan, of course, the greater the noise
2. Bearings. DC fan bearing is divided into two types, one is oil, one is the ball, under normal circumstances, the ball bearing fan than oil bearing fan noise.
3. Air flow. Fan blades in the rotation period, will be the resistance in the air, the faster rotation, fan area is larger, the greater the resistance, so the noise will be larger.
4, friction. Fan too long, the fan will appear more frame, vibration, center of gravity instability and some other circumstances, this will cause fan blades and fan shell collision or friction, resulting in noise. Of course, excellent quality cooling fan products generally will not, for example, "Yi Rong Chuan."

Micro DC fan noise unit is db {db}, the measurement method is placed in the noise less than 17dB in the silencer room, one meter away from the fan, and along the direction of the micro fan axis aligned with the fan inlet, the use of A-weighted manner. Micro-fan noise is also very important to the spectral characteristics, it is also necessary to record the frequency of micro-fan noise frequency distribution, the general requirements of micro-fan noise to be as small as possible, and can not exist abnormal sound.

Noise Treatment of Micro DC Fan. 1. According to their actual situation to choose the appropriate fan specifications and parameters, do not blind pursuit of speed. 2. Periodically for the fans to clean up the dust and fuel to reduce the friction between the fan .3. Choose high-quality products, preferably the brand, because the brand is quality and after-sales protection, not freeloaders. 4, in between the fan and fixed end of the pad foam, rubber or cotton cloth to reduce the high-speed rotation of the fan vibration caused by the noise, there are many ways, I will not tell them one by one.

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